Unusual Posters

UnusualPosters Art Contest!

  • All accepted entries will be posted at the current art contest display page found at The Contest Entries Page.

  • This contest will be an "open" category meaning you may submit any type of hand-drawn picture or hand-drawn comic. We reserve the right to refuse an entry if it is unsuitable in nature or if it appears the art work has been copied.

  • Up to 3 different submissions are allowed for each person entering.

  • There are two age categories: 10 and under, and 11-17. For each age category, a $10 gift certificate towards purchases at MisterArt.com will be awarded.

  • This contest runs through the 2008 summer and the 2008-09 school year and will end on May 31, 2009.

  • If you are 13 or younger you can only participate in this contest with permission of your parent or guardian! You should get your parent's or guardian's permission regardless of how old you are.

  • Your drawing can be any size, but you should electronically resize the image submitted to about a width of 600 pixels, if possible.

  • Include your first name, last initial (if you want), and age. Do not include your last name, address, or other personal information.

  • Have a parent or guardian scan or take a digital photo and send your drawing as a GIF, JPG, or PNG file attached to your email to this address. If you are unable to scan the drawing, contact us. Send your art to the email address given here.

  • By sending the art, you are granting permission for it's publication on this site.

  • If you win, the contest prize will be made out in your parent or guardian's name and emailed to them.

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