Unusual Posters

Pictures of Birds Made Into Art and Interesting Bird Facts

Click on any of the bird photos below to see a larger view. You can read more about the artists that created these bird posters and also below the featured bird posters are some interesting facts about birds.

Interesting Bird Facts

  • How many types of birds are there? ANSWER: There are over 8000 species of birds according to this source!
  • What is the fastest bird can fly? ANSWER: The fastest bird is peregrine falcon. It can fly at speeds over 90 MPH and reportedly dive at speeds up to 200 MPH! This is according to the information found at Avianweb.com.
  • Also, did you know that a hawk can see a mouse from the height of 1 mile? This is also cited at the website Avianweb.com.
  • Is there a poisonous bird? ANSWER: Yes, the hooded pitohui of Papua, New Guinea has poisonous skin and feathers. This is according to the information found at this site.

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