Unusual Posters

Butterfly Drawings and Art and Interesting Facts About Butterflies

Click on each butterfly poster image below to see an enlarged view of these art creations. Below the posters are some interesting facts about butterflies as well. Read about the artists that made these butterfly posters featured on this page.

Interesting Butterfly Facts

  • What do butterflies eat? ANSWER: They don't really eat, rather they drink. Butterflies drink nectar, fruit juices, sap, dew, mud, and other substances according to this source
  • How many types of butterflies are there? ANSWER: They are about 20,000 species in the world, according to this site!
  • How long do butterflies live? ANSWER: Some smaller varieties will live only a week where as a few species in tropic regions can live up to 9 months, according to the North American Butterfly Assocation at www.naba.org.
  • What is the biggest butterfly? ANSWER: The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing of Australia is the biggest with a wingspan of nearly a foot! This is documented at this educational site.

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