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Dragonfly Drawings and Art and Interesting Dragonfly Facts

Click on an image below to see an enlarged view of these beautiful dragonfly art creations. Scroll down to read some interesting facts about dragonflies. Read about the artists that created the dragonfly posters shown on this page!

Interesting Facts About Dragonflies

  • Some species can fly at speeds over 30 MPH! according to this site.
  • Where do dragonflies live? ANSWER: They are born in water, live in the water for a few weeks, and emerge to live on land. They only live a few months, however. Information from this site.
  • How many types of dragonflies are there? ANSWER: There are 2,874 species, according to www.dragonflies.org. The largest has a wing span of 7 inches!
  • What good are dragonflies? ANSWER: In addition to being a very fascinating insect to observe, they are outstanding hunters of mosquitos and other insects according to this source. Without them, the insect food chain would be disrupted.

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