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Duck Posters and Art, and Interesting Facts About Ducks

Click on the duck posters shown below to see a bigger view of the poster. Also, below the posters are some interesting facts about ducks. Read about the talented artists that created the duck posters shown on this page.

Interesting Facts About Ducks

  • What is the most common wild duck? ANSWER: The Mallard is by far the most common, with it's characteristic green head and white collar as cited at this source.
  • What do ducks eat? ANSWER: Wild ducks eat grains, seeds, and grasses and some species also eat bugs, fish eggs, and fish. Source: The Humane Society of The United States, http://www.hsus.org.
  • How far do wild ducks fly when they migrate? ANSWER: Some wild ducks will spend summers in Canada and then fly to Mexico or even South America for the winter according to this site!
  • How do ducks sleep? ANSWER: Ducks will sleep on land. But if predators are present, they will sleep on the water with head turned backwards. They may even sleep in a line with a "lookout" duck that sleeps with one eye open! This is according to the source at http://www.deltawaterfowl.org/research/aab/020_roost.php

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