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Frog Posters and Art, and Interesting Frog Facts and Information

Click on the posters of frogs shown below to see a larger view of the poster. Also, below the posters are some interesting frog facts. Read about the creators of these posters that are featured on this page.

Interesting Frog Facts

  • What is the biggest frog in the world? ANSWER: The Goliath Frog is the biggest frog in the world. It can grow to weights over 7 pounds and can be over 2 1/2 feet long with legs stretched out! Source: This site
  • What is the life cycle of a frog? ANSWER: According to Allaboutfrogs.org, a frog spends 6-21 days in egg form, spends 7-10 weeks as a tadpole, another 3 weeks or so as a "froglet" with a short tail, and then may live between 4 and 15 years as a frog.
  • How far can a frog jump? ANSWER: The longest jump of a frog is said to be 21 feet, 5.75 inches, according to Wikipedia.org.
  • Did you know that several species of frogs, like the wood frogs of the Arctic Circle, can freeze solid in the winter, yet not die? In general, frogs will burrow in under leaves or other matter and hibernate during cold winter months. Source: www.units.muohio.edu

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