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Horse Pictures, Photos, and Posters and Interesting Facts About Horses

Click on the images of the horse posters displayed below to see a larger view of the horse pictures. Read more about the creators of these posters and also there are interesting horse facts listed below the pictures.

Interesting Horse Facts

  • What was the tallest horse? ANSWER: According to Cowboyway.com, a Shire horse named Samson was 7 ft 2" tall!
  • What was the shortest? ANSWER: According to petcaretips.net, the shortest horse was a Shetland Pony only 14 inches tall!
  • What is the worlds heaviest horse? ANSWER: The heaviest was "Brookie" at 3200 pounds, according to this source!
  • What is the oldest horse on record? ANSWER: The oldest horse, according to Cowboyway.com, was "Old Billy" that was 62 years old when he died.

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