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David's Mother's Day Card
I hope you have a very nice day.
I hope you learn to pray.
Happy Mother's Day
David - Age 7

Feel Better Soon
I hope you feel better soon, because if you don't I'll be full of gloom.
Don't be blue because if you are
I am too, it's true.
Don't be under, but over the weather, cause if you are you'll feel much better.
Being sick isn't good you see, but being well is the way life should be.
So don't be sick and unhealthy,
cause if you're well,
my heart is rich and wealthy.
By TJ - Age 9
This is a poem I wrote for my nanny when she was sick...Like most poets this poem came from my true feelings.

Hotdogs and ice cream I like to eat.
And steak to me is really OK.
But broccoli is out and spinach no way!
Luke - Age 9

For I have had a strange past,
Everyone says it makes me stronger.
It's really tearing away at my soul.

For a raging fire burns in my soul.
As this fire enlarges.

To put out this fire
I must think about my mother and Father.
They put out this fire.

When they put out this fire,
they put my soul back together,
They relieve my pain.

They are my reason to live!


Monika is the Best
I think Monika is the best
She is the best in the west
Wednesday she came over to play
I almost cried when she went away
But even though she is my friend
I still think she is pretty cool.
And she is also special
And she's my friend.
And because of God.

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