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Wolf Pictures, Photos, and Posters and Interesting Facts About Wolves

Click on any of the wolf posters displayed below to see a larger view. You can read more about the artists that created the wolf posters shown below and also there are facts about wolves listed below the posters.

Interesting Wolf Facts

  • Why do wolves howl? ANSWER: Wolves howl to communicate with each other, according to this page at wikipedia.org. Howling also allows the wolf to declare its territory.
  • How fast can a wolf run? ANSWER: According to Alaska.net, a wolf can run at speeds up to 40 MPH!
  • How much do wolves typically weigh? ANSWER: Adult male wolves will typically weigh up to 90 pounds according to this source.
  • What is the biggest wolf? According to www.everythingwolf.com, the biggest wolf was about 175 pounds!

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